Mustang Joy Flights - Merlin Power


How to find Us

MUSTANG VH-BOB is located at

RAAF Williams
Point Cook Base
Melways Key Map Page 12

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Come on! You can Feel the Magic too!

Up front of our World War II Fighter Mustang aircraft is a Rolls Royce Merlin 1650 hp engine, capable of speeds of up to 500 miles per hour (400 knots or up to 800 kph).

 Next there is the highly experienced pilot, who has flown our Mustang fighter for many hours.

 Mustang Joy Flights over Melbourne

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Then there is you, strapped in the seat behind the pilot, ready for a joy flight you will always remember.

  • Engine starts - huge noise, fumes, power
  • Taxi over to the runway, awaiting take-off, excitement builds
  • Pilot at the controls, opens the throttle
  • You are thundering down the runway with the mighty Rolls Royce Merlin at take off power
  • Feel the G force pushing you back against the seat as the Mustang accelerates, gathering speed and reaching 3000 feet after a breathtaking lift off
  • In less than a minute you are over the Training Ground
  • Brace yourself as the pilot puts the magnificent Mustang through its paces
  • The Mustang returns to the airfield for a low, fast pass, pitch and brake for landing
  • Taxi back to the ramp and shut down the mighty Merlin

Smile! You have just received a big dose of Mustang Magic!

Mustang VH-BOB operates under an A.O.C. (Air Operator's Certificate) therefore has mandatory passenger insurance coverage.

Flight Information

  • All flights are subject to weather on the day and pilot availability
  • Flights are usually conducted on Saturdays
  • Pre-Payment is by cheque, credit card, bank transfer or cash/credit card on the day of flight
  • Passengers are required to arrive 1/2 hour prior to flight
  • For safety reasons, passengers must be in good general health, able to get in and out of the aircraft unaided
  • Maximum weight - 110kgs
  • Minimum age  - 16 years
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Spectators welcome to watch and take videos or photos
  • Caps, T-shirts - see under merchandise
  • Photos - see under merchandise
 For further information or bookings please call
(03) 9372 0780 or use the contact form on this Website

Credit Cards Accepted

Mustang Joy Flights accepts EftPos and
major credit cards

Mustang Joy Flights accepts VISA and MasterCard

All flights are subject to

Mustang JoyFlights is subject to weather conditions 

Weather on the Day 

Mustang Joy Flights is subject to pilot availability 

Pilot Availibility

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